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2022 litters:

Super hypo DH albino & blood x Hypo jungle DH albino & blood

T+ Hypo jungle x T+ hypo aztec motley

Sunglow jungle IMG x Kubsch salmon het albino

Aztec motley het T+ x T+ salmon jungle

DH T+ & leopard x Motley DH T+ & leopard

Leopard het albino x Sunglow jungle het leopard


Some animals born here in 2015:

New Boa pattern mutation!!! The Neptor boa!!! Proven out in 2013!


Welcome at the English version of my website. The English version isn't that complete as the Dutch version. But I will hope that I can give you an impression of my boa collection and keep you informed about the litters that this season will bring.

We accept international order's. The snake's can be delivered to the reptile fair's in Hamm (Germany) or Houten (Netherlands) ore can be picked up at my private place in Tilburg (Netherland's).

For international reservation's we ask for a 20% deposit. This can be done by a international bank transfer and the most easy way of doing this is to make a transaction with Paypal!














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