Vader / Father:

Kubsh salmon jungle

From this litter (3-1)

Moeder / Mother:

Motley RLT het albino 50% het anery

From this litter (1-21)

Geboren / Born:

29 may 2023

13 baby's


Very nice and some very colourfull baby's. Mother is poss het anery (I think 100% het beacause of the colour). You can also see some anery influences in this litter. So I expect some of then to be het anery too. Also with this kubsh influence the colour of some baby's will increase with age!!


Mannen / Male's

6-1 Hypo RLT motley jungle 6-2 Hypo RLT motley jungle 6-3 RLT motley jungle 6-4 RLT motley jungle
Sold! 400,- Sold! Sold!
Pic will follow after shed!
6-5 Hypo motley jungle (Poss RLT) 6-6 Hypo jungle 6-7 Hypo jungle 6-8 Hypo motley
225,- Sold! Sold! Sold!

Vrouwen / Female's

6-9 Hypo RLT motley jungle 6-10 Hypo RLT motley jungle 6-11 Hypo jungle 6-12 Hypo motley
Sold! Sold! 175,- 150,-
6-13 Hypo motley